​​​Cooking Classes 

Washingtonian Magazine's 2015 "Best Kid's Day in the Country!" 

2015 Innovative Farm of the Year. Come visit!

Cooking Class and Fine Dining

Come join Chef Patricia Glaeser as she teaches how to make a wonderful meal from locally grown ingredients. 

Typically, Chef Patricia conducts her cooking classes at the farm in Lucketts, north of Leesburg, VA, and starts the class with a farm tour to discuss where the ingredients comes from, and why and how that has relevance to food flavor and texture.  Then, after collecting necessary ingredients, you will join her in the kitchen, where she will weave in discussions of critical culinary skills like knife techniques and sauce making with advanced lessons on ingredient selection and flavor combinations while creating your menu items.  Cooking classes are available for adults, adults and children, and “Just for Kids”.  Class size is limited to about 8 adults, or 10 children. Class length are adjustable to meet your needs and your special culinary interests.  Classes are also available at your home.