Faith like a Mustard Seed Farm, LLC
42906 Lucketts Rd, Leesburg VA 20176
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Washingtonian Magazine's 2015 "Best Kid's Day in the Country!"
2015 Innovative Farm of the Year     Come visit!

For years the Glaeser family searched for the perfect property to execute their vision of coupling sustainable agriculture with culinary expertise. That is - humanely raising tasty food that's good for you and the environment! Finally we found the perfect venue in Lucketts, VA, in a beautiful 1850's era setting overlooking the Potomac River valley and Catoctin Mountain. Since the seller, our neighbor Gary Callen accepted the bid right after our minister gave the Faith Like a
Mustard Seed sermon at church (which briefly says - if you just have a tiny bit of faith, you can perform miracles), we decided to name the farm Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm.  

Come visit our farm store (click here for directions) and follow our daily adventures on our Facebook page !

  Store Hours
M-W Closed
Th-Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 12pm-5pm

Farm tours are conducted at 12:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday!  Other times by appointment only.  Come learn to milk a cow, feed piglets, meet our new calf, and enjoy a day in the country!!

At our Farm Store, we sell our pasture raised heritage pork , rose veal, and GMO-free eggs raised on our 26 acre property.  We also sell grass-fed Loudoun County Angus beef, free range chicken and pasture raised lamb from Lovettsville VA a, as well as a full line of McCutcheons jams, jellies, baking mixes and sodas. 

Our store also hosts the only coffee shop in the area, serving the finest in brewed and pour-over coffees and teas from Kona, Hawaii, Ethiopia and Kenya, as well as fresh baked goodies and wi-fi, with both indoor seating and outdoor chairs overlooking the mountains and pastures.  We also feature a full line of local soaps and bath items artisan crafted by Jodi's Soapbox.

Chef Patricia Glaeser (classically trained New York/Chicago private chef, farm manager and wife!) teaches cooking classes featuring locally grown ingredients and wines.   To complete the "farm-to-fork" process and provide you with the finest in cooking experience , we sell the Big Green Egg line of charcoal grills/smokers, supplies and accessories.
For those who seek the seclusion of a rural escape or "farm stay" in the heart of historic Loudoun County, Faith like a Mustard Seed Farm offers several B&B options.   We can combine the B&B and cooking class for a unique food and lodging experience.  We also do catering, and host weddings and events, providing a  distinctive Loudoun flavor.

    Lastly, we view this farm as a gift from God.  We take great pleasure in sharing the farm, including our rapidly growing Jersey and Brown Swiss dairy cow herd, with neighbors, local schools and church groups, and those interested in working on a farm to learn - for a day, or a working vacation!

Come milk a cow, pick up eggs, relax by the pond or learn how easy it really is to create amazing food!  We hope to see you soon!! 

Farm History

When what is now Faith Like A Mustard Seed Farm was originally built in the 1840s, the property encompassed some 3500 acres, from Noland’s Ferry and the Potomac River to the east, to what is now RT 15 to the west. The two lane road in front of the farm - Lucketts Road – is the original Carolina Road, which started out as an Indian trail and became the primary inland north-south road of the pre-Civil War period, at the foot of the first ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Carolina Road stretched from North Carolina, across the Potomac to Frederick where it intersected with other early thoroughfares.

Setting on the front porch, it is not too hard to imagine the ranks of the Union and Confederate armies as they moved north and south towards Fredericksburg or Gettysburg along a dirt Lucketts Road.. We know of no direct actions that involve the house or barns, or historically notable guests,, but the fact that main barn remains standing is a rarity among period structures, as most were burned to the ground in the hopes of discouraging support for Col Mosby’s Raiders, who were very active in the Lucketts area. In fact, Col Mosby planned the attack on Union forces at Point of Rocks in a home just down the road.

Looking at the front of the house, the wooden section on the left was originally the “ice house”. Ice was cut from the spring-fed pond on the corner of Lucketts Rd and St Clair Lane during winter , and pulled by horse drawn sledge to the farm, where it was packed with saw dust and paper and stored in the ice house until well in the summer. Later, the ice house was turned into the “Milk House” where cans of milk were stored in the cool space until the milk wagon or truck arrived to take delivery and pay the farmer. Since that time, the ice house was turned into an apartment, and we are now offering it as a B&B.

On the right end of the house is another wooden section that housed the kitchen, as well as a sitting area. The upstairs was the quarters for the in-house slaves. Architecturally, the presence of a porch on the slave quarters is very uncommon. This indicates that the owner was a benevolent owner, and allowed his slaves the luxury of sitting out and swinging on the porch, facing the road, but due to the porch wall, not visible from the main porch where he would entertain guests.

Also interesting is the fact that the bricks were all hand made from clay quarried on the original property.

Our Farm Store
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